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Staycations Interview

We are thrilled to welcome a rising band Staycations who will be performing with us on the 13th of July at The Macbeth. Hailing from Cambridge, these talented musicians found each other in their teenage years while playing in different bands around the city. Bonding over their shared love for bands like Bombay Bicycle Club, Jaws, and Foals, they began to write music together and form their unique sound. Today, they draw inspiration from post-punk groups like Shame and Deeper, while infusing elements of pop to create catchy and accessible tunes. Join us in getting to know them better through this interview, where they share their journey, inspirations, and the joy of making music together.

How did you all meet and decide to create Staycations? Why the name 'Staycations'?

We were all playing in different bands around Cambridge at the age of 16 and slowly got talking to each other at our gigs. We found a common ground with the music we all listened to, bands like Bombay Bicycle Club, Jaws, and Foals. This slowly lead us to hang out more and slowly write some music together.

There’s not really a story to the name, it is something Lewis (lead singer) and Will (guitarist) came up with.

You describe your sound as post-punk. Who are the band's biggest musical influences, and how have they shaped your style?

We take a lot of inspiration from bands like Shame, and Deeper for their post-punk rooting; with further inspirations from general pop music we try to make our music as accessible for people as possible. Concentrating on the underlying song and melody being catchy and recognisable as our sound.

What's the best piece of advice you heard or that you can give based on your experience, that could help other musicians looking to start and grow?

Through lots of gigging, you should always say thank you to everyone involved in your events (sound engineer, and promoter, etc…) and make sure to be friendly and as helpful as possible throughout the process. Making a good impression can lead to long lasting relations which can be nothing but positive for your band.

Your wildest gig? What happened and why was it memorable?

We played a gig in Luton where we performed to a man and his dog, plus a family of four eating their dinner in the corner. The dog was wagging its tail so it must have enjoyed it. Another highlight has been selling out a hometown show in a 1000 cap venue. Nothing can prepare you for walking out to that many people wanting to hear your songs.

What does your songwriting process look like as a band? How do you approach creative disagreements?

Most of the time it is Will and Charlie (both guitarists) coming up with small demos which then get filled out with the band once we get into a rehearsal room. The songs always become unrecognisable from their first draft but that is the beauty of writing together and having all our influences meld together.

Can you share a fun fact or hidden talent about each member of the band that fans might not know?

Solving Rubik’s cubes, unicycling, and chugging pints at speeds the world has never seen before.

If you could gain a new skill or ability instantly what would you choose and why?

I’d get rid of my lactose intolerance… but genuinely it would have to be downloading Kung Fu to my brain like Neo in The Matrix.

What's a big red flag for you? (Can be about anything, relationships, music industry etc...)

Industry: pay to play events

Life: Offset Guitars like the Fender Jaguar.

Looking back at your journey, what has been the most rewarding aspect of being part of Staycations?

Being able to spend more time with my best mates and having aligned goals. Also, sharing a drive to perform the best we can and entertain as many crowds as possible. Coming off of a short tour, it has been so nice to hang out without the plan being to have to write songs when we meet up.

What are your short-term goals and how do you see Staycations evolving in the coming years? Any upcoming projects?

Release our new EP and continue to play as many gigs as possible across the UK. Another would be to find an agent.

By the REAL Editorial Team | June 17, 2024


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