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PARTICLS Interview

We were thrilled to interview the captivating band PARTICLS, who revealed the fascinating inspiration behind their name and the creative journey of their latest single, "Music to my Hands." Explore the unique collaborative process that fuels PARTICLS' innovative sound.

Can you tell us the story behind the name PARTICLS? 

It took us a while to land on the name. But we think it basically happened when dancing to Kerri Chandler’s set at Wilderness festival where we played last year.

His set was in the Valley which is the kind of special place you want to just go and visit with or without a festival, huge old trees overhanging a gorge where you party later on.

The name PARTICLS contains the feeling we had in that moment of being part of something much bigger than each of us.

Can you describe the creative process that went into making this new single? 

Our next single Music to my Hands will be out this summer. It started off as quite a slow love song but when we were preparing for the launch of PARTICLS we just had a big urge to make people dance.

We experimented with some more rhythmic piano lines inspired by Dina Ogon’s song Tombola. A few of us picked up some percussion and it felt really good.

The mixing process was really about figuring out how to retain the intimacy of the song as well as the new energy. We got that in the end with the synth and violin, which keep the song quite contained until the surge of percussion, keys and guitars mid-way through

How does this new track differ from your previous music? 

Lots of our songs combine light and dark. Our debut single Other Sides hints at preparation for a journey, but a pretty challenging one.

‘Music to my Hands’ is different in that it’s a more straightforward expression of pure happiness.

Each band has a unique way of collaborating. What’s yours, especially considering your varied backgrounds? 

It really depends on the song and how the ideas first came up. We get together at least once a week so that gives space for different stuff to emerge.

Sometimes someone will arrive with an idea, riff or chord sequence, which is how Other Sides started. With Music to my Hands, Rudy our singer had already written the song and we reworked it for a recording session. We also like to just turn up, play and see what happens.

By the REAL Editorial Team | June 25, 2024


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