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REAL sponsorship opportunities

These sponsorship opportunities are designed to integrate your brand into the heart of live music events, fostering genuine connections with your target demographic.

REAL supports both emerging talents and established artists, organizing 15-20 events monthly, primarily in London.

Our platform empowers artists who significantly influence current culture and trends, offering them a stage to showcase their creativity and connect with audiences. 

Sponsoring with REAL not only boosts visibility but integrates your brand into a culture valuing authenticity. Our approach, backed by Forbes research showing 80% of young customers favor brands they've engaged with at events, offers a unique advantage.

With customized sponsorship packages, we offer a platform for your brand to establish deep connections with your audience and create experiences that resonate long after the music has ended.

Why Sponsor REAL Events?

    1.    Engaged Audience: Our events attract a diverse crowd of music lovers, trendsetters, and industry professionals. By sponsoring, your brand gains exposure to an engaged and influential community.

    2.    Brand Visibility: As a sponsor, your logo will feature prominently in event promotions, social media campaigns, and on-site signage. Imagine your brand being associated with unforgettable moments!

    3.    Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals, artists, and potential clients during our events. Build valuable relationships that extend beyond the venue.

    4.    Customised Packages: We tailor sponsorship packages to align with your brand’s goals. Whether it’s stage branding, VIP experiences, or product activations, we’ve got you covered.

Sponsorship Options

Exclusive Live Music Event Sponsor


£200 per event
£900 for 5 events per month (£10k if paid annually for 12 months)


What we provide:

  • Your logo printed on all tickets sold for the event on

  • 6 free entry guest list spots for the event

  • Free merchandise/promo giveaway to the artists (optional, provided by sponsor, no food or drink)

  • ‘Supported by’ listing for your brand on our posters for the event.

  • ‘Supported by’ listing for your brand on the event page for the event.

  • 200 character text ad on event listing page


Sponsored events are 100-300 capacity. Event listing pages typically receive 1-5k impressions.


Exclusive Artist Interview Sponsor


£150 per video interview

What we provide:

  • 30 second ad read by our interviewer on a video interview with a music artist

  • Supported by mention of your brand in the interview description


Custom Sponsorship Opportunities

If you have any specific ideas for partnerships with us, please get in touch. Our team is dedicated to creating bespoke sponsorship packages that align with your brand's values and marketing goals, offering unique opportunities to engage with our audience and amplify your presence in the music industry.

To explore these opportunities further and to discuss how your brand can become a part of our live music events, please contact us at


We look forward to creating unforgettable experiences together.

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