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We love to see the familiar faces returning at our events both as perfomers and audience members. The music performances come first, but one of our secondary goals is to create events where people can meet other creative individuals to collaborate or build friendships. We are open to hearing your ideas of how to achieve these goals or improve our events. Please lest us know if you have idea or would like to work together.

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How to find gigs as a Musician

London is a city that’s brimming with a vibrant music scene, which makes it an attractive destination for musicians and bands looking to find gigs. With its plethora of venues and music events, findin


We love the venues that we have been working with and are looking to add more throughout 2023. If you have a great space to host bands in London please get in touch. We are particularly interested in

Happy Holidays

Thank you to everyone who came out to support artists at our events through 2022. We will be back in the new year with even more venues and events. Our first one back will be on 19 January at Moustach


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