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Bojockey Interview

Emerging from the vibrant London music scene in 2022, Bojockey has quickly captured hearts with their enchanting blend of homely and ambient sounds. Despite their fresh arrival, they've already drawn accolades from industry giants like Matt Wilkinson (Apple Music), BBC Radio 1, and The Independent. Their self-titled debut album, released in October 2023 via Tiny Pocket, was a groundbreaking moment, celebrated with a thrilling sold-out show at Brixton’s Windmill. In this interview, we explore the band's serendipitous beginnings, their unique inspirations, and their ambitious vision for the future.

Picture taken by Holly Whitaker 

How did the members of your band meet? What inspired the name "Bojockey"?

Sam: Dustin, Hels and I all met at uni and I produced a couple singles for Alex and Remi’s band Floral Schoppe. Bojockey comes from the term “bo-bo jockey”, which I found in a book called ‘narcotics: lingo and law’ when writing my dissertation- it’s an old slang term for a stoner. I kinda figured I wasn’t enough of a smoker to take both Bo’s, so settled with the one…. 

What's your favourite live gig memory? Why was it special?

Sam: Last year we played The Cav, and before our set my friend introduced me to a guy called Arthur. Arthur had heard ‘My My’ through a blog and had flown all the way from Brazil to see us - it was pretty crazy trying to process the fact the songs had reached people that far away and they’d then travelled so far to see us play - I think I froze and stared at him in shock when he told me. That was really special and meant alot. He also transcribed all the lyrics and uploaded them to Spotify - what a legend! 

Dustin: My favourite gig so far was the album Launch at The Windmill, Brixton - It was a really reflective time where it felt like all the work that had started prior sort of exploded in this perfect night of celebration of our style and presence as a band coming to life. 

What's the best piece of advice you heard or that you can give based on your experience, that could help other musicians looking to start and grow?

Sam:  "how to write one song" by Jeff Tweedy - just that book, read it 

Dustin: No one knows what’s going on and that’s fine 

In what unusual situation/ Where would you never agree to your music being played?

Hels: A Tory campaign 

*we had a lot of very stupid answers for this one. 

What's your favourite plant?

Hels: a chain of hearts 

Dustin: supernova 

Which Netflix show (or another platform) would you best see your music being featured on and why?

Sam:  I’ve always wanted a song on Fifa

Hels: end of the fucking world!

Dustin: Is there a documentary about the London jazz folk scene that I’ve missed already? Yellowstone

What's your favourite aspect of being in a band? Is songwriting easier? Or on the other side harder to agree on one idea?

Sam: I'm a sucker for the writing, that's home for me. But being in the process of demoing and learning new songs is really exciting. Getting to see them take on new life, from just acoustic guitar to a full band arrangement sends me. Love it. 

Dustin: I love being in a band - The collective ‘Will’ of a band or creative team is very special and fascinating to me. It doesn’t really make any sense at all - the consistent rejections and tribulations make it really tough for anyone. All bands are basically breaking up immediately. if you’re lucky the degradation takes a long time, like the beautiful patina of rust.

What’s the most important (or reoccurring) message you want to give to your listeners?

Dustin: If any at all - it would be to wave your freak flag

What's the weirdest/most unique talent you have that not many people know about? (Move your nostrils or ears, DIY, vocal imitation, sport, synesthesia, fast mental calculation, etc...)

Dustin: Sam’s good a breaking guitar strings and we’re all dyslexic 

Sam: Apart from Remi, who in his own words is “dyslexic in English” (he’s French). 

What are your goals as a band moving forward and how do you see Bojockey evolving?

Sam: At the moment, we’re trying to get another record together, that’s in our sights. We’ve got a headline at St Pancras Old Church at the end of the year, which is going to be really special - so we’re planning some special things for that (probably involving more bodies on the stage) 

Dustin: The shows and friends are really helping us move forward and prepare for the next record. And we’d love to start playing outside of London too

By the REAL Editorial Team | July 2, 2024


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