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Live Music Photography

Capture the LIVE in your live performance with REAL! Our expert concert photographers skillfully immortalize your stage moments in vibrant photos, perfect for promoting your music. Not just souvenirs, our images are tools designed to amplify your reach and share your set with a wider audience on social media. Propel your music to new heights with REAL - your partner in creating lasting impressions and engaging more fans. 

Live Photos

Ignite your band's visual narrative with REAL's Live Photos - vivid, dynamic shots capturing the raw energy and passion of your performance, encapsulating the heart of your music set in timeless frames.


Promo Photos

Accentuate your unique musical identity with our Promo Photos, taken in and around the venue, offering a vibrant, edgy backdrop that resonates with your sound and style, perfect for promotional use and creating a strong impression on your audience.

Book Your Photographer

£40 Summer Offer!

photo price reduction.png

For a limited time we're happy to offer artists performing at REAL's events both Live Photos of your set and Promo Photos in or around the venue for only £40! 

Thank you for booking a photographer!

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