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Photography Requirements and Guidelines for REAL Events

Dear Photographer,

As a valued collaborator with REAL, your role in capturing the essence of our events is crucial. Please review and adhere to the following guidelines and conditions to ensure a seamless experience for you, the artists, and the attendees.

1. Arrival Time:

  • You are required to arrive at the venue by 19:00 for each event. If the show starts earlier, please adjust your arrival time accordingly to ensure full coverage from the beginning.

2. Compensation:

  • Your rate for photography services is set at £13/hour. We process the invoices every 2 weeks. Please invoice us every other Monday combining all the hours in one document.

3. Photography Requirements:

  • During the event, your primary task is to take photographs of each artist performing on stage.

  • In addition to stage photos, we require a few off-stage promotional photos of the artists. These photos are essential for the artists' promotional use.

  • Ensure a minimum of 15 quality photographs for each artist performing at the event.

4. Interaction with Artists:

  • While taking promotional photos, engage with the artists to foster a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. This interaction not only aids in capturing better photos but also encourages artists to be more interested in purchasing these photos for their use.

  • Show the artists some of the photos you take to involve them in the process and get immediate feedback.

5. Photo Distribution:

  • Please refrain from directly sharing the photos with the artists. All photo distributions are managed by REAL to maintain consistency and quality control.

  • If an artist expresses interest in obtaining the photos, kindly direct them to contact REAL directly.

6. Social Media Posting:

  • You are welcome to post the photos on your own social media channels 2 weeks after the event.

  • When posting, please ensure to tag REAL in each post to help promote our brand and the events.

We appreciate your cooperation and dedication to capturing the vibrant moments of our events. Your photography plays a pivotal role in the success of our gigs and the promotion of the artists we host.

Should you have any questions or need further clarification on these guidelines, please feel free to contact us.

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