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Artists that played Moustache Bar with us:

  • Meduulla

  • Shelly Peled

  • Zoka The Author

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Moustache Bar
58 Stoke Newington Road, London N16 7Xb

Situated in the vibrant hub of Dalston, Moustache Bar is a renowned music venue that effortlessly blends an intimate, laid-back atmosphere with a diverse range of live music performances. With a comfortable capacity of 120, it serves as an ideal platform for REAL's eclectic roster of hip hop, R&B, and acoustic acts.

Its reputation extends far and wide as a venue that caters to a broad spectrum of musical genres, a testament to its adaptability and broad appeal. Artists, whether they're rising stars in the hip hop world, soulful voices in R&B, or acoustic soloists, will find Moustache Bar a welcoming stage for their craft.

The Moustache Bar's commitment to providing an enjoyable experience extends beyond the music. Patrons can enjoy cold drinks in this distinctive dive bar setting, enhancing the overall ambiance of the music-filled nights. With this balanced blend of relaxation and excitement, artists can truly connect with their audience, creating memorable experiences and lasting impressions.

Located conveniently at 58 Stoke Newington Rd in Dalston, Moustache Bar is easily accessible, making it an attractive destination for both performers and music lovers. As a stalwart of Dalston's dynamic music scene, Moustache Bar is truly a gem, offering unforgettable nights of music and camaraderie.

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