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Bands that played Mascara Bar:

  • Sports Team

  • Ballin' Jacks

  • Duck Wax

  • The Roves

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Mascara Bar
72 Stamford Hill, London N16 6XS

Located in Stamford Hill, Mascara Bar is a late-night gem for live music enthusiasts and performers alike. Offering a stage for a wide range of artists, this 120-capacity venue is known for its electrifying live music events curated by the music promoter, REAL.

REAL hosts a diverse lineup of bands and solo artists, providing an intimate and powerful showcase of talent. Whether you're an established band or an emerging solo artist, Mascara Bar presents an unmatched opportunity to connect with a passionate audience that appreciates authentic, raw music.

The venue provides a full backline, ensuring artists can deliver their best performance. Meanwhile, patrons can enjoy a drink from their well-stocked bar, featuring great prices on a variety of beverages, including Guinness. Open until 3am on weekends, Mascara Bar perfectly combines unforgettable live music experiences with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

If you're an artist looking for a stage to share your music, consider Mascara Bar. With REAL's events, you'll find a receptive audience and a vibrant community eager to discover new sounds.

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Perform at Mascara Bar!

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