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How Real Works

Make music!


Artists need to have at least 20 minutes of music ready to perform. A mix of covers and originals is ok!


Submit your music


We love hearing from talented artists like you!


You can share your music here. We will ask your name, email and where we can hear your music. 


We listen to every submission!

We ask you to play!


We listen to your music and find a show for you to play at. We host nearly a hundred gigs each year in many genres so we can usually offer you a date right away! If we don’t have a suitable gig available we will get in touch once one becomes available. 


You will be asked if you are available to play. If you accept, we will send you a link where you can confirm your gig. 


Tip: Confirm as soon as you can because we may offer this date to other artists if we do not hear back!


Accept + Confirm


If you agree to perform you will be asked to upload a promo photo of yourself and a description of your music or artist bio.


Promote + sell tickets


Everyone involved is expected to work together help promote the show. This especially includes the artists. No one knows the fans as well as the bands or artists themselves so we count on you to communicate about your upcoming show and encourage them to get tickets to see you.


We do promote for our events as well, but our main role is hiring the venue, booking the artists, organising the event, hiring the sound engineers, and handling tickets.


Our partner venues will do their part to spread the word as well!


You play a show!


Here is the fun part! Our gigs are the place to share what you’ve created with the world, make new friends, network with other musicians, and celebrate all the hard work you put into promoting the event.


More events and Payment


After your gig you may submit an invoice for payment according the fee agreed on before the show. Many artists will also get offers to play more gigs! If you played well and many people came out to see you we will be in touch about even bigger opportunities!

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